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19 month
  • 100 Credits
  • Search from 400+ million business contacts
  • Advanced search
  • Search by person’s name
  • Search by domain name
  • Search by company
  • Personal social profiles
  • Relevant contextual data
  • Company emails and social profiles
  • Unlimited CSV Exports
  • Email accuracy rates
  • Up-to-date data updated daily
39 month
  • 250 Credits
  • Everything from the small plan included
  • Concierge email finding
79 month
  • 500 Credits
  • Everything from the small and medium plans included

What is a Credit on HeadReach?

We take away 1 credit out of your monthly allocation each time we successfully find an email address. If we don’t find one we don’t take away any of your credits. Also, if we find a social profile, but no email for that person we keep your credits untouched.


  • Do the credits rollover to the next month?

    Credits don't roll over. At the beginning of your new monthly billing cycle, we'll recover your monthly email allocation.

  • How much does a credit costs?

    For our $19/mo plan a credit costs $0.19. For our $39/mo and $79/mo plans a credit costs just $0.15.

  • Can I get a bigger plan?

    Yes. Custom plans with more credits are available. Please, contact us for more info.

  • Do you verify emails?

    At the moment we don't verify emails by default. This is to allow much faster email finding rates and lower prices. However, we provide email accuracy rates for each email. We're also currently working on an email verification feature.

  • Do I have to sign-up for a contract?

    No. HeadReach is a monthly subscriptions tool that you can cancel at any time.

  • Do you offer a money back guarantee?

    Yes, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee for all plans.

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