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The Champion's Guide to Outreach Marketing The Champion's Guide to Outreach Marketing
Free eBook

Get More Shares, Links & Leads With Outreach

Get More Shares, Links
& Leads With Outreach

"The question every online marketer and blogger asks: how do I get more links and clients? This book actually answers it."
Nick Eubanks
Creator of SEOauv and SEONick
150-page eBook. 4 bonuses. 18 expert opinions Actionable tips and case studies on outreach
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1273 people are already ahead of you with outreach marketing
150 pages

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Outreach opportunities

Find outreach opportunities

The exact step-by-step processes and tools to use to make relevant outreach lists like this one. All the apps and services you need to put together a list of 800+ targeted prospect opportunities for your outreach.

Outreach tactics

Learn outreach tactics

  • All email scripts, tools and processes you need to get more shares , links and leads.
  • How to get mentioned and noticed by top influencers in your field
  • Dozens of case studies and tactical guides.
Outreach framework

Design a framework

Learn outreach marketing from a strategical point of view. Learn how to create a scalable outreach framework and measure the results of your outreach efforts. Impress your clients with the most organized outreach campaign.

Get blog featured

Get featured on top blogs

Actionable case studies how to get featured on PCAdvisor, Kissmetrics and every other big blog out there. Put your startup on the web!

Find emails

Find anybody’s real email

The most comprehensive tutorial on finding anyone’s email address and social profiles. Learn ]ll the tools and processes to find the person incharge and his real contact details.

Tips from experts

Tips from outreach experts

We practice what we preach. We asked 18 marketing experts share their #1 outreach tactic and other tips to help you supercharge your media outreach.

18 Experts on
Outreach Marketing

We asked 18 influencers to share their best tip

Rahul Vohra Founder of Rapportive
Neil Patel Founder of
Alex Turnbull Founder of Groove
Sapph Li Founder of Art of Emails
Stuart McKeown Co-founder Gleam
Benji Hyam Co-founder Grow and Convert
Andrew Warner & Team Mixergy
Matt Sornson Co-founder at Clearbit
Nick Eubanks Creator SEO auv
Ivaylo Kalburdzhiev Founder of DayOneFunding
Oleg Campbell Founder at ReplyApp
Kalen Jordan Founder of GoodLinks
Karl Kangur Founder of MonetizePros
Lee Hughes SEO Expert
Jeremy Chatelaine Founder of QuickMail
Felix Tarcomnicu Founder of MonitorBacklinks
Jason Evanish Founder Lighthouse. Past product manager Kissmetrics
Freddie Chatt Founder EcomHacker
Top 100 Media Outlets Outreach List
Bonus 1

Top 100 Media Outlets

Free PR list to use for your own outreach

We went the extra mile to put together an outreach-ready list of the top 100 media outlets. This spreadsheet is a collection of 100 websites like New York Times, Huffington Post, Mashable, etc. All you have to do is prepare a good email and click send.

You get:

  • List of the top 100 online medias.
  • Links to all social profiles for every outlet.
  • Real emails and social profiles of 3 people in charge for that outlet. Like editors, CEOs, content managers.
Top 100 Media Outlets Outreach List
Bonus 2

Free Templates

Frameworks and cheatsheets

Outreach List Spreadsheet
Outreach List

Use it as a bare bone to create your outreach lists.

Hypothesis Doc
Hypothesis Doc

Declare your assumptions in a hypothesis spreadsheet.

Outreach Tools List
Outreach Tools

A list of 50+ tools to help you supercharge your outreach..

Bonus 3
Outreach Champions Facebook Group

Outreach Champions
Mastermind Access

Get involved in an active community of outreach marketers and influencers.

Bonus 4

20% off LIFETIME discount for HeadReach

We went to great lengths to create the most accurate yet simple lead generation and email finder tool. You can find targeted leads using our Advanced Search and save more than 20 minutes per lead search.

Outreach tool closed beta

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From the Author

My name is Kalo. I’m a marketer and web designer. I’m the co-founder of HeadReach - a tool that creates human-like outreach reports with targeted prospects.

I wrote the The Champions Guide to Outreach Marketing eBook to share everything I know about creating meaningful relationship in the digital age. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

If you like my work, please share it with your friends. If you don’t like it drop me a line at and let me know why.

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